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Sophia Simiti - Representations is dealing with the promotion and representation of the following range of products.:

- Raw materials for the cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, personal care and detergents.
- Packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, alimentary and detergent Industry.
- Packaging for personal care.
- Special spray accessories for gardening and industrial use.

Sophia Simiti – Representations was founded in 1984 and started with the promotion of Essential Oils, perfumes, Lanolins and derivatives.
Shortly after there was a widening of activities focusing firstly to the quite unknown in Greece, by the time, active ingredients for the development of upper level skin care products. Packaging materials for cosmetics was a natural sequel, which soon was expanded to the alimentary sector as well.

Sophie Philippou-Simiti who established this enterprise, comes from a family with tradition in the furniture industry, since 1884. The company which was founded by her great grandfathers unfortunately came to an end in 1964.

From a casual coincidence she started dealing with representations at the beginning with cosmetics raw materials and relative packaging and later on, widening her clientele to the alimentary and pharmaceuticals business. She was happy to watch her views materialized and she intends to keep her promises up to the end, i.e. Her Moto is "we are here to offer you our immediate services".

Our clientele can visit our vast show-rooms and make their choice among our fully furnished sample-libraries.

One can create a new line starting from zero or renew with our help an old one. Besides, we can offer good briefings as far as raw materials are concerned with an excellent follow-up.  Now, what can one find in our Show rooms:



- Active Ingredients
- Essential Oils & Aromas
- Fragrances for cosmetic products (EDT shampoo, creams etc)
- Fragrances for industrial use (detergents, Air Fresheners, Candles, Reed Diffusers, plastic material)


- Eau de Toilette (imported from European Markets)
- Skin Care and Personal Care products - Hair Care and BB and CC creams
- Make-up products (compacts, Terra,  blushers, fluid make-up, lipsticks, mascaras, Eyeliners).
- Nail lacquer in flagons of your choice
- Make up pencils / stylo lipstick, eyeshadows, markers etc.,


- Make up cases – Lipstick, mascara eyeliner cases etc.
- Latex sponges, powder puffs and applicators
- Special samplers for Nail lacquer charts and lipstick shade displayer
- Sharpeners
- Glass Bottles for EDT and Nail Lacquer + accessories
- Metal bottles and jars
- Glass skin care jars + caps etc.
- Same lines in plastic. High standard designs and quality.
- Flexible tubes
- Metal tubes
- Spray valves and dispensers
- Airless Containers – Non Airless Containers


- Persolnalized pouches with your shapes, dimensions and logos
- Pewter and copper flexible sticker labeles, also made of flexible veneer wood with fine decorations


- Glass jars for olives, jams pickles etc. and metal twist off caps.
- Glass bottles for wine and edible oil. Glass bottles for Ketchup and Passata.
- Special pumps of important output


- Sealing machines for special insulation discs
- Inox Moulds for lipsticks and eyeshadows


- Special Spraying and pumping equipment products for industrial use as well.


- In as far as raw materials are concerned we can offer all necessary technical brochures, marketing sheets,
samples and formulas.
- Private label. As we have mentioned before, we can offer the possibility to have customers’
own products “created” by our European partners. Customers’ only involvement is to choose, decide and approve.

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